Honey Harvest

Today we harvested our honey for the year. Above you can see about half of it. In total, we probably got a little less than 2 gallons of honey, a good portion of which will go to our CSA.
Here's what the honey comb looked like before we harvested it:

To process it, first we removed all the bees and their larva, then spun the frames in a big bin Amber Anderson lent us. This spinning pushes the honey out of the frames and into the bottom of the bin. Here's us getting the last of it into our jars.

Here's our friend Leslie, who came over for the end of processing and to help clean up:

Amber Anderson, who was kind enough to let us use her honey extractor, lives in Ames and has a pretty cool urban garden, which includes honey bees in addition to goats, chickens and geese, as you can see below: