oct 10-13

first week of october

csa news

Dear members,

It’s already mid-september! There’s lots of news in this email, so please read through to the end (or just skim to the part that is most interesting to you).

In this email:
1. Your box this week
2. End of season
3. Cider pressing event sept 30
4. We still need help with harvests!!
5. Season summary so far

1. in your box:

week of sept 22

CSA sheet 9/5/17

these boxes are from a few weeks ago. as noted above - cucumbers are over. the vines have all died.

harvesters needed!

The harvest is plenty but the workers are few!
There are about 2 weeks left of the season and we REALLY need help these last few weeks.

week of 8/29

cider pressing, sugar creek, and other events

hi friends,

i haven't typed up all the meeting minutes yet, but i thought i better hurry up and send out important dates so they can get on your calendars. if other folks want to come out on other saturday afternoons, let me know.

You could print this out and put it on your fridge!!!

Sat Sept 2: afternoon work day 1-4pm, at the farm

9/15-9/17 Fri evening -sunday morning, SUGAR CREEK Midwest Catholic Worker Gathering - eastern iowa, near Dewitt or Clinton. This is very fun and good for the whole family.

9/24 Sunday 5:30-8pm - potluck and farm team meeting at the farm

3 csa sheets (8/8-8/25)

WE FINALLY GOT RAIN! Between 3 rain events the past few days, we got 1.35 inches of rain. This is the largest rainfall (in a 36 hour period) that we have gotten all year. This information expresses that: 1. This has been an incredibly dry year and 2, we are incredibly grateful for this rain. it might have saved a few of our crops from complete destruction.

Interview with Sara Smith 8/9/17

(Interviewer: Derek Lin)
(Preface: Sara was an intern on the farm this summer as well as a student at ISU. Perhaps you recognize her name from a newsletter she wrote. Or you may have met her at harvest morning. But for those of you who had not met her, here's a glimpse into her time as an intern. As all of our interns were interesting people, I decided to start doing an exit interview on them before they left. So, here's the interview. -Derek)

D: What’s the feeling when you get a harvest box?

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